Senior Living Community in HolbrookIf you are looking for a senior living community in Holbrook, you’re in the right place. The Sachem Adult Home offers a completely unique living experience and wonderful atmosphere that makes residents feel like they never left their prior residence.

Finding the right senior community can be challenging. You want to live somewhere that feels safe, welcoming and friendly – as though you were a part of the family.

That’s precisely what we offer at Sachem Adult Home. We believe in forming communities that allow every member to live as well as they possibly can. Your golden years should, in our view, be the best of your life.

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Sachem Adult Home is unlike any senior living community in Holbrook! We offer beautifully landscaped grounds and wonderful facilities that all our residents and their families love.

Personalized And Warm Environment

We believe that living in a senior home should feel just as homely as being in a separate private residence. That’s why we include many small touches that allow us to confidently call ourselves a “home” and not just a place of residence. Our “living together” philosophy means that each resident is treated as a member of our family.

Special Diets

If you need a special diet, we can cater to that. Our chefs will specially prepare meals for individualized care, according to your needs.

Plenty Of Amenities

With us, you’re in the driving seat. You control your environment. We offer both private and semi-private accommodations for those who require on-demand assistance. All our rooms come with air conditioning. And we have an on-site laundry service that keeps your clothes and bedding fresh.

Sachem Offers Full Assistance In Personal Care

If you require assistance in personal care, we can help. Our carers are sensitive to individual cultural needs and create programs designed around you. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. You tell us the type of care that you would like to receive, and we will gladly oblige.

24-Hour Supervision

Some residents worry about needing medical assistance at short notice. That’s why Sachem Adult Home offers 24-hour supervision for everyone in our extended family. If you require help, we are ready and waiting to provide it.

Medication Assistance

Our carers are fully trained in assisting with medications. We carefully and meticulously administer the medications prescribed by your doctor in the doses you require.

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Joining a senior living community in Holbrook could be one of the best decisions that you make in your life. When you join the Sachem Adult Home family, you become part of our warm and welcoming environment. We make it feel like you never left your home. You’ll meet new friends, get to know people, and build deep relationships with those around you.

We’re experts at dealing with your medical and mobility requirements. Plus we create personalized care plans for everyone who chooses to stay with us. So why not join our family and experience the benefits for yourself?

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